Monday, January 21, 2013

Cheap and Easy Dinner for 4

This recipe is so great because you can cater it to whatever you have on hand.   The onion makes it super flavorful all by itself!  Great as leftovers.  Can also be thrown on the grill.


1lb ground beef substitute
1/2 Onion
1/2 bag Baby Carrots
4-5 Potatoes
Salt and Pepper to taste
Olive Oil

Some Optional Add-Ons or Substitutions:

Garlic cloves
Brussel Sprouts
Cayenne or Paprika Powder
Anything you want!

Cover a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and layer with all ingredients, ground beef substitute added last because it cooks the fastest.  Drizzle with Olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking.  Toss lightly to coat.  Bake at 400 for an hour or until potatoes are soft.

If you would rather grill it just wrap in aluminum foil and throw on the grill until the potatoes are soft.

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